Tower Garden

  The Tower Garden

                     This is the easiest way to have a healthy sustainable food source                                   365 days of the year!  

Grow Green – Grow Healthy – Grow Organic – Taste the Fresh Picked Difference!

More nutritious. Peace of mind.  Money saving! 

Vegetables photoPhoto of juicing


Tower Garden womenTri photo TG

Go Green by Growing with an Aeroponic Tower Garden

No weeding, tilling,  sweating, sore body, gardening expertise, and wasting of precious water.      A true plug and play system especially for a busy lifestyle. Your family will love watching the plants grow and tasting them right off the plant!


  • Time saving,  Saves hundreds of dollars a year and health savings. Improves your health.
  • Uses a closed system technology to recycle 100% of the nutrients and water.
  • Uses as little as 5 % of the nutrients and water that is commonly used in conventional and organic farming.
  • Produces a new crop in a fraction of the time with multiple yields year round.
  • Grows up to 44 plants with add on kit, almost any vegetable, herb or flower. (See list on next page. Figure your family’s usage needs).
  • Grow year round in most areas, or indoors. Submersible heater for colder climates. Potential for solar powered.
  • No growing experience needed.
  • Self waters and feeds on timer.
  • Great for homes, apartments, condo’s, retirement living, and daycare centers. Portable.
  • Reduces grocery store dependence being more self sufficient.
  • Fun and educational for the family.

 What is the Tower Garden? How Does It Work? Why Does It Make Sense You Have One? Watch the videos to find out:

Growing time lapse video:

Is the Tower Garden affordable and cost effective?

It is very affordable! Consider, the average family spends about $40.00 a week at the grocery store buying fruits and vegetables usually of lesser quality.  For about $45.00 a month  you can have better quality food from your home. That’s only about $1.50 per day for the whole family! Plus you have an ongoing supermarket at your home year round, saving you time, water, traditional gardening pains, and gives you peace of mind self sufficiency.

Get more information and order: Click here Icon

Suggestions: Many essential oils can be used in deterring bugs and animals, etc that threaten your plants health.

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