So, You Want To Live #Healthier?

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So you want to live healthier and make changes? Congradulations!!!

You have had some unmet health priorities on your list for a while, and you haven’t found solutions that are satisfactory?

Looking for trusted information and affordable powerful natural solutions? We have more of them than almost any other source!

Wellevated is the place where people come to find real self-empowered tools, information, coaching, and solutions to their health priorities! It’s exciting to feel better…elevated!

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  • Access to other upcoming cutting edge health benefits

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  • If you are one of the first 10 to respond back by September 14th, 2020 you will get a free gift! Adaptiv – Stress-relieving, Peppermint – Invigorating, and Wild Orange – Happifier/Abundance essential oils. Mention you are interested in the message section and be willing to give your mailing address and contact phone number.
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Why The Name #Wellevated?

Why I chose the business name Wellevated™!

A name says a lot about a business..right? It can’t be some random health name.

The name Wellevated ™ is something that I put a lot of thought and prayer to. I feel it was inspired for your benefit.

The name needed to reflect what I do for people to help solve a need. It is to self-empower people to know what to do for yourself naturally, and safely, with the “right proven tools that work’,

“Well” short for wellness. Denotes a natural and holistic approach to health. “Elevated” in the past tense, as though it already occurred. It worked for you! You would feel elevated, uplifted with your mood and more in a recognizable way going forward with power!

Thus, Wellevated™ !

Wellevated is not just any type of wellness. This is different. It is a simple 6 Step total “REMOTE Health and WellCare System for home, from lab tests to fitness, healthy diet to therapeutic essential oils to elevate you and more”

I can show you how you can actually address at least 80% of you health priorities effectively from home! Your doctor the other 20%.

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs of the body. They all have to be addressed, because they all affect each other.

It’s worked for me for years and others. I’ve research all types of healthcare and wellness for years and this is what works better. It’s more convenient, saves lots of money, care without harmful side effects, and increases happiness.

Wellevated WellCare™ could be just what you’ve been looking for so I can help you address your health concerns. I’m a certified Life and WellCare Coach with over 25 years experience.

Contact me for more info and how I can meet your needs. You’ll get a free health gift.

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