Smart Eating

Step 4  Smart Diet/Whole Food Nutrition

photo of fruits and veggies

Smart eating is where we have to brake old bad habits that have unfortunately become what we think is OK or the norm. Because of our increasingly busy life style for convenience,  the media/advertising we have gravitated towards eating out for fast food meals, pre-made frozen meals and processed foods.

This type of almost non food (filler with little nutrition) is literally making us sick. We are passing these ideas on to our kids where they think this is how we should eat and live. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are going toward epidemic levels even in kids.

We need to get back to planning healthy meals, taking them to work, having real foods at home and teaching our kids how to make them and love them.

” Remember, everyone pays the health piper at some point in their life. You either pay the price of more time planning, educating, eating healthy, exercising, investing in health self-care products, good lifestyle habits along life’s way for it’s benefits, or you pay with poor health, doctor visits, expensive medications, and unhappiness because you can’t do what you did before, now with its losses”. 

Nursing home photo

Experts say that 75% of disease could be reduced by a healthy diet. The quality of your food determines much of the quality of your health.

Give Up:

I have given up Soda pop, Energy drinks, Processed sugars, Processed foods, Most unhealthy fast food restaurants, fat fried foods, Alcohol, Caffeine, Unfiltered water, GMO foods, White flour and way less meat and breads. Giving these up you will most likely notice your palate change to where they don’t seem as appealing and addictive when you replace them.

Eat More:

I eat mostly Leafy Greens, Fruits, Veggies, Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Fish, Whole grains, Organic foods, and Filtered H2O (reverse osmosis. Refrigerator filtered doesn’t count). Some chicken and beef.

Drink a Green Smoothie a day. You’ll get 12-14 servings of fruits and veggies. I challenge you to do this for 30 days and add essential oils! You’ll be amazed at the difference.

green-smoothie photo

I take a quality whole food nutritional supplement combination that’s easier to assimilate. Cheap vitamins don’t break down and just sit in the gut. Many foods today do not have the nutrition in them they used to have that we need for today’s lifestyle. Food alone isn’t enough support.

A great Phone APP to help you shop heathy at the grocery store I like is: Fooducate 




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