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Can you say A.E.I.O.U when it comes to health? A.E.I.O.U. are vowels of the english language. They are also rules so to speak. When followed it is what makes up the words we speak when put them together correctly. So it is with our health too. We live more correctly or healthy.

I’d like to talk about these vowels or rules of the english language and how they relate to the laws of health. When we follow good rules in life they are ususally meant to be good or beneficial to us, right? If we follow the rules or laws like traffic lights we don’t get in crashes or killed. If we follow the rules or laws of A.E.I.O.U. in relation to health we also benefit, right? It’s true.

Here are the A.E.I.O.U.’s of health and you will benefit too! They are true laws. If we live by these rules below we will have better health. It’s part of the laws of health.

= Alkaline diet. We should have a PH -Potential Hydrogen of 7.4. Take a PH home test to determine your PH from urine. 80% of diet should be plant based. Did you know that their is almost twice as much protein in Spinach or Kale than beef? A high percentage of diseases could be eliminated by a healthy diet.  We don’t need to eat as much meat as we do. Their is little reason for it. (See the China Study link below)

E = Enzymes. What you eat needs to be digested. As we age our digestion ability decreases. This also includes supplements. Cheap supplements will be found in the gut for weeks whole and undigested. If we don’t digest our food we don’t get the nutrition from it even if we are eating healthy foods.  Ask a radiologist how many times they see undigested supplements on an xray. A high quality enzyme supplement would be supportive and enzyme rich foods.

I = Immune System. 70% of the immune system takes place in the gut! A strong balance of good bacteria in the gut is important. If you get sick easily and often, improve your level of good bacteria with a high quality probiotic and supportive foods. Most yogurts may not be a good choice if they have sugar/sweetners added and extra fat. A good high quality probiotic supplement maybe your answer and avoid the dairy.

O = Oxygen. Breathing in from your heart deeply, hold it in for 15 seconds and blow it out fully with all the bad when you exhale. All the cells of the body need to be oxygenated. It is relaxing, and de-stressing to the body. Do this everyday twice a day. Cardio exercise would also be a good oxygenating activity.

U = Unique. You are good enough!!! Positive self talk is therapeutic. You need to believe in yourself and that you can and do overcome challenges of life. See or Visualize daily yourself being healthier and happier with a smile. Look at yourself in the mirror when you get up in the morning and when you brush your teeth before going to bed saying positive afformations (as though you already are that way in the past tense) like…

How did I get to be so healthy? How is it that I attract wealth so easily? Why am I always good enough? Essential oils are a good support in strenghtening these emotions. I use them daily for that reason. I feel more intune with myself, appreciative with healthy self-talk.

and Y = Yuck. Eliminate processed foods, GMO foods, fast food, soda’s, energy drinks, unfiltered waters for drinking or bathing. Eliminate all possible toxins in food and environment. Be educated about food labels when you shop and support organic.

With some adjustments in your life I hope you can say A.E.I.O.U. and Y in the next few months by following the laws of health. No one is perfect at this but we can feel better than we do with it and greatly reduce potential problems for a better qualty of life longer.

Once you hit about 30 years of age the digestive system doesn’t work as efficiently so a good plant based nutritional supplement, enzyme and probiotic are a must.

If you would like to get more information or personal coaching on this and my Wellevated wellness program contact me at

Best of health to you!

Check out and read the China Study on health

If you want some product suggestions for supporting the points I’ve mentioned for a balanced A.E.I.O.U. please contact me.


7 Ways To Keep The #Love Spark Alive Beyond #Valentines

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This blog is about intimacy, emotional health and life balance.

For many couples, keeping that Valentine spark of love and intimacy isn’t hard when it’s nurtured daily.  When it isn’t nurtured daily, contention and conflict build so couples drift away. Marriage and relationships aren’t supposed to be filled contention and conflict, it should be filled with love, mutual sacrifices for each other, lack of selfishness, fun and good honest open communication.

Stress, fatigue, too busy schedules, lack of making quality personal time for  your loved one enough of a priority, and lack of balance is hard to keep that love spark happening. Setting your priorities for your time is essential with your spouse and good health.

Is your passion, sexuality, intimacy and communication in your relationship waning?

Take action now because it’s not healthy! Relationship health is even more important than going to the gym, working late at the office or eating healthy.

We make time for what we value the most in a day. Are you making the time to keep and nurture your committment? Are you making time for each other daily?

Here are 7 ways to keep that love spark alive 365 days after Valentines day.

  1. Schedule planned uninterrupted time for your lover everyday!
  2. Realize your lover must and is your top priority. Relationships are more important than work and children.
  3. Spend quality time listening to each other to understand with compassion
  4. Ask how you can be supportive, regularly
  5. Spend 15-30 minutes relaxing and de-stressing before you talk. Stress is a killer for relationships. Never ever have a serious discussion when you are stressed.
  6. Make time to be intimate to give and receive
  7. Use essential oils to stay balanced, less stressed, open communication and enhance intimacy on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

Some recommended essential oils that can be very supportive in intimacy or to your relationship in general.  Who couldn’t use a little help in this area?

Essential oil scents have a direct connection to the limbic region of our brain (the emotional part). When we breathe them in the brain picks up on that.  The nose knows, thanks to our olfactory system!

brain image


Girl breathing in essential oil

Essential oils are effective several ways: In a diffuser to fragrance the air, a drop or two in your hands an inhaling, as a bath oil, on your face, hair or trigger points on the body, and as a massage oil when added to a base oil like fractionated (liquified coconut oil or pure virgin olive oil). Contact me for more information.

Only use doTERRA CPTG  (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils. They are the most effective, potent and pure I’ve ever found. There is a difference! I’ll save you the disapointment.

Balance Blend– balances body systems and create grounding reducing mood swings and reduces stress.

Wild Orange – increases tenderness, abundant feel, gratitude, and cheerfulness to relationship.

Ylang Ylang – known as an aphrodisiac. Increases sexual desire, calms anxiety, opens emotions. Dispels feeling of anger, jealousy and envy. Can help with impotence and limited sexual response.

Rose Oil  Emotionally uplifting. Helps with libido, hormones, romance and skin imperfections.

Lime – Adds joyfulness, laughter, increases sexual desire, and ease anxiety.

Passion blend – Helps create passion and for each other as well as passion for achieving passion for other aspects of life’s dreams (relationships, work, starting a new business or continuing the one you have, being fit, etc) .


Ginger – Boots vigor and heats up the sexual feeling when it’s waning. Ignites passion and desire.

Clary Sage – Seductive, sensual, exhilarating and euphoric. Boosts the desire, calms and soothes stress and anxiety, lessening inhibitions and deepens communication between partners.

Forgive Blend – Helps one to forgive ones self and forgive others. This oil can bring each other into more harmony with each other. Forgive each other of the past mistakes.

Life Long Vitality Nutrition Pack – If you are feeling tired, stressed, unmotivated and unhealthy, this is one of the best complete plant based natural nutrition packs to support you. Having the right nutrition is huge is key to you feeling good.

Guaranteed to help you feel more energy and vitality in 30 days or less or your money back!

Here is a blend you can try out next week to start it off. It’s worth it!

Loving Massage blend

2 drops Geranium Oil

3 drops Sandalwood Oil

2 drops Ylang Ylang

3 Drops Clary Sage Oil

1/4 c Fractionated (liquified coconut oil), or pure virgin olive oil or unscented lotion.

Remember these oils go a long ways for many uses and are very inexpensive per drop to use as well as being the best quality.

Have these essential oils on hand so your prepared to create the mood and connection anytime.

Email me if you would like other recipes.

To get these oils at wholesale click here


You’ll be happier in many aspects of your life by adding these ideas into your daily routine. Make it important, make it scheduled, make it happen. It’s worth it in the end.

These 7 steps really do work.

Live Wellevated!


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22 Ways To Make Things Better For 2019

Before starting this new year get rid of old baggage from the past. Free yourself!  Start fresh and be happier by starting with these 22 keepers.

man person jumping desert
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Here’s how to make 2019 a best year. It may take guts for some but it’s worth it in the end.

Feel a weight and burden lifted that you’ve probably been carrying around for months or years. It’s time to make things right… today.

Your Challenge:  Use this list and start today! You’ll be the bigger, better, happier person for accomplishing it. Do it anyway. No excuses allowed.

Forgive no matter who’s at fault, forget, be kinder, gentiler, thoughful, loving, reach out to others first, better friend, exude positiveness and encouragement, appreciate others and nature in 2019.

  1. Mend a quarrel
  2. Seek out a forgotton friend
  3. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust
  4. Write a letter to someone
  5. Give a soft answer
  6. Encourage youth
  7. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed
  8. Keep a promise
  9. Forgo a grudge 
  10. Forgive an enemy
  11. Apologize
  12. Try to understand
  13. Examine your demands on others
  14. Think first of someone else
  15. Be Kind
  16. Be gentle
  17. Laugh a little more
  18. Express your gratitude
  19. Welcome a stranger
  20. Gladden the heart of a child
  21. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth
  22. Speak your love and then speak it again

President Howard W. Hunter

Live by these prinicples the rest of 2019 and your happiness and contentment will continue throughout the year.  Print it out and carry it around as a reminder.

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Why You Need The Right #Turmeric Daily

New from doTERRA™ and Wellevated

Turmeric Primary Benefits

Turmeric can be found from a lot of different suppliers. It can be confusing who has the best utilizable and potent source. doTERRA is CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade direct from the grower)

doTERRA™ Turmeric should be part of your daily morning ritual. 

Taking care of yourself & live preventive

A more verstile Turmeric

How can this Turmeric be used?

A – Aromatically – Diffused into the air in a diffuser or put a drop or two into your cupped hand and inhale to promote feelings of positivity and to improve mood.

T – Topically – After strenuous activity, incorporate Turmeric into your recovery routine for a soothing experience.

I – Internally – Can be used in a veggie capsule and swallowed. 3-4 drops

Turmeric is peace of mind because it has many uses and benefits! Start today!

How to get it? 

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Wholesale $28.00   Retail $37.33. 15 ml bottle


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Finally! #Essential #Oils For #Kids#Moms

woman and three children playing water
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Finally, a line of essential oils made with kids in mind!

An exciting New collection of blends just for kids needs from the most trusted name in essential oils – doTERRA™ and Wellevated for support.

Why not give kids something specially designed for them thats the purest and most natural?

Watch this fun video on them…..





Before tackling life’s big (or small) moments, roll Brave onto the bottoms of your feet and the backs of your hands to instill courage and positivity, with the reassurance that you can accomplish anything.


Stronger Protective Blend evokes feelings of wellness and vitality when needed most. The bright and uplifting aroma of Stronger is refreshing to the senses and works as the perfect blend for daily resiliency or when you are not feeling your best. With the powerful rejuvenating benefits of wood and floral oils, Stronger works as the perfect every day skin health essential oil blend.


Calmer Restful Blend promotes a serene atmosphere, allowing bedtime to be a peaceful and welcomed experience. When it’s time to restore your mind and body, apply Calmer to your wrists, breathe, and relax.


Perfect for daily use or as needed, Steady Grounding Blend has a soft, inviting, and slightly fruity aroma that can help soothe feelings of stress or anxiousness. When feeling overwhelmed, roll Steady onto the back of your neck or wrists and take a deep breath, allowing your mood to find balance. Soothing to the skin and reassuring to the emotions, Steady is a great every day blend.


After a busy day of activity, apply Rescuer Soothing Blend for a relaxing sensation and to reduce feelings of tension for growing, tired legs. Rescuer has a fresh, yet calming aroma that provides soothing support while comforting the emotions.


Ideal for everyone and for daily use, Thinker Focus Blend is the optimal support to use when distractions are high. To create a supportive and positive environment for enhanced creativity and focus, incorporate Thinker into your daily learning practice.

These effective CPTG (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) doTERRA ™essential oils are your answer as their mom as much as for your child. Order your kit now! 

                    Order here, Mom:


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“Elevating Your Health”

#Moms Help #Kids In #Sports

action activity adult athletes
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Extracurricular activities are a big part of being a kid. Hours of sports and dance practices, along with games and competitions each week give your kids the exercise they need.

Essential oils have many applications to help keep your little athletes on track.

Watch this short video and find out how these moms are doing it differently, with natural solutions.

By the way these great ideas work just as well for adults.

Featured products: Peppermint, Motivate, AromaTouch, Lemongrass, Correct-X, Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend, Deep Blue Rub, Lemon, Purify are very effective natural alternatives you can trust from doTERRA first.

#Moms Help #Kids Succeed Going Back To #School


Moms are the main source in most families to make sure their kids have all the school supplies, clothes, backpacks needed for going back to school.

Moms are usually the ones that help their kids with homework and meeting with teachers. They know their kids best and they love them. They want them to succeed in life because it hurts to see them struggle…. Right?

What about what kids need to succeed with proper nutritional health, brain health, emotional ups and downs support, strong immune system, memory, lack of focus, stressed, and worry?

Many times this support is forgotten or moms just don’t know what natural resources are at their disposal when preparing for school and throughout the year. When kids have the right tools just like paper and pencils it makes for a less stressful school year for kids and moms. Life goes a little smoother.

Here are some simple healthy, effective, natural options that are essential to make sure your kids have a different rest of the year starting off on a better foot going forward.

Arm your kids or grandkids with these tools. doTERRA™ essential oils are the best potent natural choice I’ve ever found anywhere.

I encourage you to get them now as part of your school supplies!

Oils for school


If you are a mom and have questions about your child I’d love to connect and help. Reach out to me.