Fitness ll

  Fitness ll 

Yoga Products

Hot Yoga Kit 

 Hot Yoga Kit

Pro Yoga Kit

Pro Yoga Kit

Warrior Mats

  Warrior Yoga Mat   

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

 Grip Socks

Keep from letting moisture and losing grip for your moves by using Grip Socks.

 Grip socks

Yoga Towel

 Yoga Mat Towel


Gym Strengthening Workouts


Power Wheel

Great for core strengthening, balance and more! Foot straps and handle make for a better effective workout.


Ultimate Trainer Kit  

  • Lightweight alternative to free weights and machines
  • Mounts most places for portable workout
  • Flexibility provides wide range of motion
  • Interchange cables to customize resistance motion
  • 5′ bands to accommodate a range of exercises
  • Diversify workout with lateral, back, and side exercises
  • Anchor for exercise variety

Ultimate trainer kit

Pro Burst Resistant Exercise Balls

55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm

 Burst Resist balls


Combat Bag

Throw, carry, curl, twist, or press

• Increase difficulty of bodyweight exercises

• Portable for on-the-go workouts

• Build muscles and aerobic capacity simultaneously

• Shock muscles and breakthrough fitness plateaus

• Constant load shifting works stabilizer muscles



Women’s Pro Power Gloves  WomenGlove_1

Men’s Pro Power Gloves   Men's_Training_Gloves_Elite

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