How to Order

Ordering Oils and Other Wellness Products

Three main ways you can shop for essential oils and other wellness products below

Oils and other wellness products come in money saving kits (best method- See kits page), or you can purchase single oils, oil blends, diffusers and other wellness products.


This is the best plan for buying at the lowest price and get rewarded for your loyalty.
You do not have to sell or promote the products to be a wholesale member. It’s optional.

(Email us that you have enrolled as a Wellness Advocate with a $125.00 order or greater. Purchase a Natural Solutions Kit, Every Oil Kit or Diamond Kit, set up your next months LRP (Loyalty Rewards Order for $125.00 or greater) and we will send you a Modern Essentials Reference Book for Free explaining the details of the oils, a value of $27.95

Enroll and Shop as a Wellness Advocate  Click here Icon

2.  Enroll as a “Preferred Member”

For those who order more occasionally and want a discount. A one time fee of $10.00 to purchase as a wholesale member. 20% discount off of retail prices. Optional 10-30% back of your total purchase in points for Free product as an LRP Loyalty Rewards Member. No monthly order required.

Enroll and Shop as Preferred Member  Click here Icon 

No membership required or fee, just shop and ship.

Shopping at Retail     Click here Icon

If you have questions about these methods of ordering, please contact us first. 

*If you are interested in our program for yourself as a business, are a  healthcare provider for your patients, business owner or have a corporate wellness program contact me before doing anything.  Contact me for more information in the contact box below Attn: Mark

Working with Me

Interested in working with me and promoting wellness? There are many advantages over other sources. I have the background to help you succeed and commitment to you with my team. Talk with me about the options and benefits to you. Everyone needs what we have.

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