Getting Started

How the Wellevated Wellness Program Works

Years ago, one day I asked myself questions like, What would I do if I was on my own without health insurance or doctors or I just wanted to live preventive and healthy? What would I do? How would I have to live preventively if I wanted to reduce illness and be in control of  my health?

I never thought that question would have as much meaning as it does today given the state of our broken healthcare system as it is now. If we don’t have a home plan for this, we’ll be in a sad state of suffering.

The following is my self-care plan with all the supportive products and information with an easy step by step method. 

Follow the plan below or pick and choose what information you like on this site and put it to use. You will want to get yourself a doTERRA wellness kit and a Train Station home fitness gym even if you have a gym membership. 

Steps In the Wellevated Health Pyramid

Step 1 Desire, Taking Control and Education

Good health starts with you having the desire for change. Congratulations on making the decision to want to be better at being healthier! Being educated on how to take care of our health first, then implementing that knowledge into daily action is the first step. Spend the time reading about natural solutions from trusted sources, learn about-use essential oils as part or your health program because they support all the body systems.  Attend health classes, and implement what you learn and use. Become an expert yourself, it’s not that hard.

Step 2 Health Assessment

In order to know where you are health wise and to have a starting point you will need to do the following to measure progress. How healthy are you? Are their points to work on?

  • Get a yearly physical from your physician and blood test (Where possible).
  • Identify your family health history. Learn what potential health problems are of concern.
  • Own your own set of health monitoring tools and know how to use them. Blood pressure unit, thermometer, stethescope, pedometer, body fat calipers etc that can help you monitor your health. Health phone apps can be helpful.
  • Record these statistics monthly. Are you making any progress? Set health goals.

  Step 3  Reduce Stressors and Detox

Stress. Stress is much of the reason for dis-ease whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. We live in a very stressful society. 75% of health problems are related to stresses on the body. To help reduce potential health problems we must be vigilant in making decisions that lower our stress level. Analyze where your stressors are coming from. Decide where changes need to be made and how you can reduce them. What different decisions can you make to reduce stress at work, relationships, better sleep, financial, etc.

Essential oil support: Lavender, Calming Blend, Grounding Blend, Wild Orange, Joyful Blend. See “Emotions and Essential Oils Book for more specifics”. Diffuse in a diffuser or breathe in.

Detox. Toxin build up can be a source of body stressor. We live in a very toxic world with many forms of harmful chemicals that could be the result of serious health problems. Air pollution, pesticides/herbicides/drugs (many times in our foods and water supply too), drugs and vaccines,  chemicals in plastics, personal care, women’s make up, hair dyes and more. Switch to natural sources – organic, non GMO,  and personal care products we offer. Consider a yearly detox program to cleanse your body.   We offer a detox program every month. 

 My+Wellness+Detox+Flier+and+Testimonies  -Link to participate 

Essential oil support: Detoxification Blend, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, DNA Repairing Blend, Cleansing Blend. See oils for cleaning options for no toxic effects around the house, pests prevention and in gardening.

Step 4 Smart Diet and Whole Food Nutrition

Begin by learning about and introducing whole food nutrition meals and taking a quality whole food supplement.

Eating healthy foods meaning the greater part of each meal should be mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds and less meat. It has been said that a healthy diet could solve 75% of health problems. 

You may want to consider a making your own garden or a Tower Garden to make it easier and more convenient to having the best quality foods at your home.

Eliminate as much as possible fast food, processed foods, soda’s, sugar (better alternatives – Stevia, Agava), and white flour. Eat certified organic or grow your own . The quality and type of your food will have a determination on the quality of your health.

vitality packTower Garden women

Nutrition Pack: Life Long Vitality Nutrition Kit (Guaranteed to increase vitality to change your life and more in 30 days or your money back. What other manufacturer gives that guarantee?). Whole food supplements. Our diets need to be supplemented because of the low nutrient content of our foods. I use this daily and love it!

Essential oil in cooking, flavor and other health benefits:  Basil, Thyme, Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Cassia, Oregano, Lavender, etc. (essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than herbs).

Other helps: How to Eat Right In the Real World – Book, 12 Steps to Whole Foods – Book, the Tower Garden growing system. 

Step 5 Exercise and Fitness

Purchase the  Train Station Gym for home and travel

We all know that daily exercise is a must for muscle strength, skeletal support, healthy heart-circulatory system, mental/emotional health and happiness, and life longevity. I have come up with some simple, very versatile, affordable exercise products that I use daily and know they work if you put in the effort. You will see results. See the Fitness link for all fitness products. 

Exercise for 30 minutes daily. Make it a routine part of your life. I switch off with muscle strengthening to cardio every other day. I take Sundays off to rest and regenerate.

LL-Train_Station Double Women     Power Walk Pro Main

Essential oils for exercise mood if it’s hard – Diffused. Wild Orange, other Citrus oils, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint in a diffuser.

Other workout oils:  Metabolic Blend, Massage Blend, Deep Blue, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Workout and Recovery Blend, etc.

Step 6 Supportive Self-Care

Purchase an essential oils kit 

This is where the use of doTERRA essential oils becomes your supportive self-care in all health aspects. Oils can help support all the body systems. They are amazing! I have many wow stories. You can have your own too!

Using these quality essential oils can help to ramp up your moods, feeling of wellbeing, and strengthen your immune system and many other benefits as you learn. It has for me, my family and millions of others. Get a kit today, learn about them and use them daily!

Group photo

Check out this catalog for products, and how to use them.

Click here:  doTERRA Product Guide

Step 7 Body Takes Care of It’s Self

Health symbol

When we feed the body the good natural things it was meant to have and are in tune. The body will be able to be more preventive and take care of it’s self the best it can.

Step 8 Living Wellevated!

 Living Wellevated means you are incorporating the natural methods of all the steps where you are feeling emotionally good and physically the best and most empowered for you. You are educated to know what to do, have the right tools and know how to help others.

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Spiritually

It doesn’t mean you are free from all health problems. I believe you will feel your best following these steps for what that means for you.

My testimonial to you is that I am living proof of it. It works and it’s the best there is to offer… naturally.

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