Essential Green Smoothies

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Essential Green Smoothies

Good healthy nutrition is the basis for good health. There are many benefits of making your own Essential green smoothies.

Yes, there is a difference in just a green smoothie and and essential green smoothie. An essential green smoothie has essential oils added to it. Oils give you a variety of extra health benefits physically and emotionally as well as a variety of different flavors to make them exciting and refreshing!


My Green Smoothie Photo


  • Smoothies are fast and convenient to make. In my 2 qt container I make two days servings at once. Drink one out of a quart glass jar and pour the rest in and save the second quart in the refrigerator for the next day. Then it’s grab and go if needed. Always use oils in glass, never plastic, etc. They will eat the plastic and it’s not healthy.
  •  One of the healthiest meals you can make. 12-14 servings of fruits and veggies! The average diet only gets about 2-3 servings a day. No wonder their is illness!
  • Many health benefits- Weight loss, better sleep, increased energy, better elimination of wastes, clearer skin, digestion,  good heart food, and more.
  • When specific essential oils are added they can make your smoothie tastier, therapeutic, create different added health benefits to mood health, weight loss or gain, circulatory system or other health support (see oils benefits) and they can give you a variety of flavors to choose from. Experiment to your liking.
  • Affordable to make at roughly $2.50. Essential oils are pennies per drop to use.
  •  One smoothie a day for One Month, you will see health benefits.

There are some simple secrets to making a good tasty smoothie which I will cover.
1. A quality blender makes a difference. Like the name says, you want a smoothie, not a chunky. A high powered Vitamix, Blendtec or upper end Ninja blenders work the best for a smoother texture and last longer.

2. Learn about essential oils or protein powder for more benefit.

3. Always use organic or pesticide free, non GMO, home grown fruits, veggies, etc. ingredients if possible. I buy most of my fruits. berries and veggies, greens organic from Costco. To prevent them from going bad before I can use them up, I freeze them.

4. If you like your smoothie creamier use organic rice or almond milk, banana or our protein powder.

Caution: Do not use other brands of oils in your food or internally as they may not typically safe for internal consumption. Check the labeling and the manufacturers recommendations).

Check out some of our smoothie recipes on the next page.

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