#Breakfast Anyone?

Here’s a healthy, tasty breakfast you can try that’s not the norm. I make this quite frequently. If you are like me you want something easy, quick and healthy. My wife loves it. Try it out.  I call it the “Wellevated Breakfast Cereal”.


1/2 cup each of the following: Organic if possible of course.  Chia seeds, Hemp, Flax.

2 TBS of Sunflower Seeds

Honey, Stevia, or Coconut sugar to sweeten

1 cup of water heated in the microwave. Pour over the mixture and stir in. The water will soak into the mixture so it gets pretty thick so add enough water to make it the consistency you like.

You can use canned coconut milk (thick type) and pour-over. Good healthy fats. It gives it a creamy texture.

I love to add either fresh berries (Blue Berries, or Strawberries) or frozen mixed berries.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it like us!

Live Wellevated!


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